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Plumbing problems are frustrating, but knowing whom to call in the event of an emergency or mishap can save you from significant stress. Green Lane, PA residents know that they can rely on the plumbing team at Ray A. Shaffer, Inc. for 24/7 emergency assistance and quality services.

We have been solving plumbing problems for residential and commercial customers since 1925. We are active members of QSC (Quality Service Contractors), North America’s elite group of plumbing technicians. When you work with us, you can rest assured you’re getting the best results.


Stay Safe With the Top Plumbers in Green Lane

Working with a professional plumber means your problem will get fixed quickly and accurately. Our technicians will handle all of your plumbing issues, large or small, before they become more damaging. We will help you install, repair, and maintain all areas of your plumbing system to make sure your home or business continues running in top shape.

Below are five common plumbing problems both residents and business owners experience over time, and our professional solutions for each one.

Clogged drains: A clogged drain may simply need a basic cleaning. However, more difficult clogs will require professional assistance. Our technicians will perform a sewer camera inspection to accurately locate blockages and begin repair on that area of your pipe system. For example, hair in your shower drain may have gathered at a single point within your pipeline; with a camera inspection, we can pinpoint the exact location of the clog. Depending on the problem, our technicians will use a plumber’s snake or more advanced drain cleaning techniques such as hydrojetting.

Leaking pipes: You may regard leaky pipes as a mere inconvenience. However, this is a problem that can increase your water bill over time and cause your pipes to erode much more quickly. If a leak goes undetected, your pipes may eventually burst. How do you tell if you have a pipe leak? The main signs to watch out for include an unexpected jump in your water bill, low water pressure, and any water sounds coming from within your walls. These are all problems that indicate a potential pipe leak. Contact your Green Lane plumbers to reseal the pipe or joint; if we find it necessary, we will carry out a pipe replacement without hassle.

Loss of hot water: Are you experiencing a loss of hot water? Our technicians will help you determine if your lack of hot water is caused by faulty water heater, a blocked pipe in your plumbing system, a damaged hose, or other problem. We will repair or replace any damaged pipes. In the instance of a faulty water heater, we will determine if your unit is fit for repair. If you have had your water heater for over ten years, it may be more practical to have it replaced. We provide expert water heater repair and installation, in addition to being Green Lane’s authorized dealers of Bradford White water heaters.

Leaky faucets: Aside from wasting water, leaky faucets can corrode any wooden surfaces; flake-board countertops can curl and be destroyed. Our technicians will determine if the issue requires a simple fix, such as replacing a rubber ring on the inside of the faucet, or a more extensive repair that involves cleaning clogged faucet valves. If necessary, we will also replace your faucet for you—we are authorized dealers of Moen, PlumbMaster, and Wolverine Brass faucets.

Running toilet: This issue can be caused by a large number of minor defects. The toilet handle may be stuck, there may be a loose valve, the air bladder may not be rising high enough, or there may be a broken piece inside your unit. If we determine that you will be better served with a new toilet unit that is up to code, we will help you install a new one. We will provide upfront price and offer a selection of high-quality units from TOTO and Kohler.

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