Our Home Care Club Plan

Annual plumbing maintenance is crucial to keeping your property in efficient shape. Call us at (610) 287-7831 to get the top plumbing maintenance in Schwenksville, PA.


Stay up to date on your home’s plumbing with proactive maintenance services. Our Home Care Club plan is backed by four generations of plumbing expertise to keep any unexpected problems in check.

The Home Care Club Advantage

  • 24/7 access to our plumbing experts: We offer 24-hour emergency services carried out by our top-rated technicians.
  • Preferred service: You are guaranteed priority scheduling for all maintenance services.
  • Up front pricing: Save money with our standard menu pricing. We charge by the project and not by the hour. In addition, we will walk you through our services before we begin any work to make sure we have your full approval.

Services Included in the Plan

We offer a range of maintenance services performed on a yearly basis. Participating in our maintenance plan is simple: choose how many inspections you would like per year and we inspect the following:

Water Heater Inspection: We will examine the efficiency of your unit’s pressure relief valve and thermostat. Regular water heater maintenance will help you save on your utility bill, keep your other plumbing fixtures—such as your faucets—clear of debris, and protect your family against unexpected fires from defective water heaters.

Faucet Inspection: Did you know that your leaking faucet wastes over two hundred gallons of water per day? Regular faucet inspections that check your unit for leaks, corrosion, inconsistent water flow, and overall efficiency will give you a longer lasting faucet and allow you to save on costly repairs.

Toilet Inspection: We will make sure your toilet unit is properly maintained against leaks and that it is flushing efficiently. Toilet leaks, much like faucet leaks, waste several hundred gallons of water each day they go unattended, which will significantly increase your water bill over time.

Shutoff Valve Inspection: During an emergency leak, you will need to know where your main water shutoff valve is located. Our technicians will examine all of your shutoff valves to make sure they are reliable in case of emergency.

Additional Plumbing Protection: We will inspect your water pressure, gas connectors, and hoses on your appliances, such as your washing machine. Going the extra mile on your home’s maintenance means you are well-prepared and well-protected against any plumbing emergencies.


Number of service inspections per year

1-Year Plan

2-Year Plan

3-Year Plan

1 inspection:




2 inspections:




3 inspections:




4 inspections:




Join the Shaffer Home Care Club today! Call us at (610) 287-7831 and take the first step in better home maintenance.