InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Services in Schwenksville

Clean drains have high-quality garbage disposals. Call us at (610) 287-7831 to install an InSinkErator garbage disposal in Schwenksville, PA.

InSinkErator is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality garbage disposals. Their disposal units are easy to install and help create a safe, hygienic kitchen environment for residential and commercial customers. Let our technicians at Ray A. Shaffer, Inc. install a new unit for you—we are Schwenksville’s authorized dealers of InSinkErator garbage disposals.


Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Typical garbage disposals are prone to several problems. They may not grind properly (especially if difficult items are put through the drain), they can slow down in strength and efficiency, and they can experience a jam. All of these problems can lead to clogging in your drains as your food waste is not properly churned.

Leaks are some of the most common problems with garbage disposals. Your unit can leak from any part, from the dishwasher hookup to the sink itself. Our technicians will identify the location of the leak and check the unit’s installation. If parts or seals need replacement or repair, we can order the parts and service the unit.

However, if your unit is older, or if you will be better served with a replacement unit, we will install a new garbage disposal for you. You can choose the model that fits your needs, or we can can help you pick out the right one. Our technicians at Ray A. Shaffer, Inc. recommend InSinkErator garbage disposals for their powerful yet user-friendly features.

The InSinkErator Advantage

Every InSinkErator garbage disposal comes with heavy-duty capabilities and convenience for you.

Power boost motors: The Dura-Drive™ Induction Motor is exclusively produced by InkSinkErator to give your disposal unit extra power, which leads to higher efficiency and less need for maintenance.

Stress-free installation: The Quick Lock™ Sink Mount, built into every InSinkErator model, is a unique twist-to-install feature that makes it simple to replace your older unit with an InSinkErator disposal.

Call Us For InSinkErator Services

We will guide you through the entire replacement process and get your new InSinkErator garbage disposal running properly. While InSinkErator units are built to the highest quality, they are not entirely immune to inevitable problems. We will help you diagnose and treat any issues with your unit, from clogs to jammed impellers to power issues. For clogs, we will use drain-safe products to make sure all food waste is cleared from your disposal unit before connecting it back to your water system.

Call us at (610) 287-7831 to get started on your installation or repair. We provide upfront pricing and 100% satisfaction guarantee.