PlumbMaster Faucet Installations in Schwenksville

Looking for high-quality kitchen and bath fixtures? Call us at (610) 287-7831 to install PlumbMaster faucets and products in the Schwenksville area.

PlumbMaster Faucets and products in Schwenksville, PA

We all want to avoid a leaky faucet. While our technicians can repair your faucet easily, you may eventually need to replace your fixtures as they age and upgrade to more efficient models. At Ray A. Shaffer, Inc., we offer PlumbMaster faucets and products and will install them for you. Contact us for service in Schwenksville, PA!

Exclusive Products Built to Last

We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. That’s why we recommend PlumbMaster. The excellence and sleek design of the Eternity Faucet Collection, in particular, will give you attractive faucets built to last.

Eternity faucets feature washerless ceramic disc cartridges and stems, which aid in their durability. The faucets come with a lifetime warranty and are available in single-lever handles ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and tub/shower units. You can also opt to install twin-handle faucets with cross, lever, loop, and other handle styles.

Since Eternity faucets are only sold to professional plumbers and maintenance engineers, you will not find them in your local retailer. When you work with us at Ray A. Shaffer, we will provide you with exclusive PlumbMaster products paired with our installation services.

Other products offered by PlumbMaster include commercial faucets, Gatorskin Premium Products, and copper fittings. All of these top-quality products are only available through your plumbing professional. The main advantage of using PlumbMaster products over those available at your local retailer is that PlumbMaster builds fixtures to last. Gatorskin Premium Products, for example, can save you from premature faucet deterioration—they are designed to repel chloramines and other harmful chemicals, minimizing the risk of leaks.

PlumbMaster For Commercial Plumbing

If you are a business in need of commercial fixtures, you won't find anything better than PlumbMaster faucets and products. From service sinks to pre-rinse, medical lavatory, and laboratory faucets, PlumbMaster offers a range of durable products for your business needs. Faucet bodies are constructed of solid brass with a triple chrome-plated finish, while the spouts are the heaviest and most durable in the market. The brand also offers long lasting ceramic disc cartridges for your faucet, guaranteeing less repairs over time.

Call Us for PlumbMaster Product Installations

Whether you are a homeowner or a business in need of professional plumbing services, we are here to help with the proper materials to complete any project. Small leaks can turn into significant problems, so call for help as soon as you notice any issues. Let us help you avoid further problems down the line with high quality plumbing products. PlumbMaster faucets and products are among the best in the industry, and our services coupled with their quality give you the elite plumbing care you deserve!

Ready to install a reliable, modern faucet for your home or business? Call Ray A. Shaffer, Inc. today at (610) 287-7831 to learn more about the PlumbMaster products we offer!