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A water treatment system treats wastewater with bacteria. This allows for the removal of gases (including carbon dioxide and ammonia) and the elimination of inorganic chemicals, such as phosphate. For professional water treatment services in the Schwenksville area, contact the team at Ray A. Shaffer, Inc.

Water Treatment Services in Schwenksville, PA

Types of Water Treatment Devices

There are various water treatment systems and devices available. Which one you install will depend on your home’s specific needs. Read on to find out which system will work best for you.

Looking for an affordable way to improve your drinking water?

You may want to consider a carbon filter. This useful and budget-friendly unit will help prevent hard water particles from clogging your drains or causing premature pipe corrosion from lead leaching. Carbon filters will also make drinking from the tap safer, with better tasting water. This is all made possible through a process involving granular activated carbon and resins that grab hold of contaminants before they reach your water supply. You will need to replace carbon filters regularly to ensure consistent efficiency.

Want the sanitary benefits of boiled water for your entire home?

A distillation unit, or distiller, is a great way to ensure clean drinking water for your family. Distillers remove contaminants by heating your water supply until it boils, eliminating harmful chemicals and bacteria in the process. Make sure your distiller continues to work properly with annual or semiannual inspections.

Want to protect your family using the most advanced and thorough filtration method?

Reverse osmosis has been embraced by many homeowners as a highly effective filtration system. It is particularly useful if you want to remove turbidity, radioactive materials, and all manner of bacteria from your water supply. The reverse osmosis method utilizes a four-chamber device to give you the most thorough filtration possible. The device can be complex to set up, but our technicians are available to help you get started.

Need to fight the effects of hard water?

You may want to consider integrating a water softener into your home’s water treatment system. Water softeners effectively remove minerals, sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants typically found in hard (untreated) water. It gets better: You can even save on your water bill, since these softening systems help prevent your pipes from clogging with debris or suffering from premature corrosion. Water softeners will also keep your dishes and delicate glassware safe from the harsh effects of hard water particles.

Maintaining Your Water Treatment System

Part of receiving safe, healthy water is maintaining and updating your water treatment systems appropriately. Consider having your water supply tested and evaluated for different sediment compounds. This can help you decide if you need a new system installed. Our technicians will guide you through the process and help you install the ideal treatment system for your needs.

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