Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Schwenksville

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The most difficult plumbing problems to assess—but which are also some of the most common—involve sewer pipe issues. Fortunately, plumbing advancements have made it possible to accurately assess problem points in the hard-to-reach areas of your drains. At Ray A. Shaffer, Inc., we offer professional sewer camera inspections that will help us determine the most appropriate method of repair for your sewer line. Take a look through our client testimonials to see what Schwenksville residents and business owners are saying about our services.

In the past, the only way to inspect a sewer pipe problem was to attempt a snake or auger down the drain to remove the blockage. Since there was no clear view of the actual blockage, there was no sure way to tell if the obstruction had been completely removed. However, with camera inspection, we get an accurate view of the sewer block and its exact location. There is no guesswork involved, allowing us to thoroughly clear out your sewer line.

Sewer Line Problems Requiring Camera Inspection

Outside elements such as tree and shrub roots can invade your pipes and block normal water flow. Older pipes made of galvanized steel, copper, or other metals are especially vulnerable to root invasion. The roots can easily break into the the bell where pipes connect, or through the side of the pipe if it has started to corrode or deteriorate.

If your sewer pipe does not have the required footage of soil cover, a vehicle or heavy piece of equipment driving over the pipe could crush the pipe; if the weather turns brutally cold, the pipe can freeze and crack. No matter how the sewer pipe is compromised, it will cause back-ups due to slow or no drainage.

The best way for us to assess these problems is through a sewer camera inspection.

How Will the Sewer Camera Work?

With sewer camera inspections, we won’t need to perform any excavation work. Outside your property, there will be an inspection port that provides easy access to the sewer system. The camera we use is small and flexible and attached to a cable. The camera is connected to a monitor to help us view what the camera captures as it makes its way through the pipe.

As the camera is dropped into the inspection port and the cable released, we will be able to view the entire interior of the pipe and identify places where it is compromised. We will be looking out for cracks, breaks, and clogs. The cables should be long enough to reach the discharge points of the sewer line, which is typically a manhole.

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Camera inspections are extremely useful in helping us determine the best possible solution for your sewer line problems. This minimizes the need for excavations and maximizes plumbing efficiency.

Regular sewer camera inspections will also identify problem areas that can be repaired before major problems have time to occur. If you are selling or purchasing property, a sewer camera inspection will address any problems that need to be fixed before any transaction takes place.

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