Sump Pump Installation and Repair in Schwenksville

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A sump pump is crucial to any basement or crawl space. If a sump pump is doing its job correctly, you will virtually never see any groundwater flooding into your basement. Our technicians at Ray A. Shaffer, Inc. are Schwenksville’s most requested plumbers providing sump pump installations and repairs. Take a look through our client testimonials to see what your neighbors are saying about our services.

Common Sump Pump Problems and Solutions

Overwhelmed sump pumps: If there is too much groundwater for the sump pump to handle, it will start to malfunction and cause flooding. An overwhelmed sump pump will overheat and burn out just trying to keep up with all of the rising water. Our solution is to install a sump pump system that comes with a back-up pump; this back-up pump will kick in when your main pump starts to get drained, keeping your basement dry.

Insufficient drainage: This problem causes your sump pit to overflow and flood your basement. To fix the problem, we will incorporate an effective drainage system that diverts the water away from the basement floor and towards the sump pump; this allows the water to be pumped out at a more even rate.

Clogged intake: Dirt and other debris can easily get caught in the intake screen. This causes the pump to burn out because there is no indicator for the pump to actuate the auto shutoff. We will resolve the issue by installing a sump pump liner that has an airtight seal. This will filter out most of the dirt and debris, keeping your sump pump working smoothly.

Power outages: Storms can cause power outages and shut off your sump pump. We recommend installing a battery back-up unit to avoid sump pump failure during a power outage.

Do You Have the Right Sump Pump?

Having the right type of sump pump in your basement or crawl space is crucial. You need to make sure that you have a back-up unit in case of power failure or any issues with your main pump. The right kind of sump pump means the difference between a flooded basement and a safe, dry home.

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