Water Heater Repair and Installation in Schwenksville

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If you think about it, your water heater is the workhorse of your home. Without it, we would have miserable showers and we would not be able to wash our clothes or dishes properly. But your water heater sits unnoticed until there is an apparent problem. For professional water heater services, look to the experts at Ray A. Shaffer, Inc. serving the greater Schwenksville area.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Common signs indicating water heater trouble include sulfurous- or metallic-tasting water, rusty colored water, a lack of hot water, unusual sounds coming from the unit, and water leaks.

There are only a few repairs that can be performed on most water heaters. If the water is not as hot as it used to be, we will install new heating elements or make sure the gas gauge and release are functioning correctly. If the water is rusty or metallic-tasting, we will replace corroded parts and clean out hard water buildup. In most cases, if your water heater is showing signs of trouble, it could be nearing the end of its life cycle and will require a replacement.

Water Heater Maintenance

We recommend annual water heater maintenance to prevent more costly problems down the line. Our Home Care Club Plan covers inspections on the burner system in your gas water heater, and checking the thermostat and pressure relief valve. The older your water heater, the less your valves will have been in use; this causes the valves to break and render your whole water heater unit inefficient.

Proper water heater maintenance can help you avoid costly replacements. However, if your water heater is over ten years old or requires frequent repairs, it may be more practical to invest in a unit replacement. New water heaters are more energy-efficient, especially if you decide to install the increasingly popular tankless unit. Although a complete replacement may seem to cost more upfront, the energy savings you reap in the long run will pay for your unit’s original cost of replacement.

Call Your Water Heater Specialists

Aside from simple fixes, such as adjusting the temperature of your hot water, it is recommended that all other issues be handled by a professional. Also keep in mind that water heater installations must be performed by licensed technicians.

If your water heater is giving you trouble, give us a call for a no-hassle quote (610) 287-7831.