Well Pump Repair and Replacement in Schwenksville

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Homeowners with wells depend on a vertical well pump to bring the water up into the holding tank, and then into the home. Our team at Ray A. Shaffer, Inc. provides professional well pump repairs and replacements for our Schwenksville neighbors. Below we discuss the three most common problems homeowners experience with their well pumps.

Loss of Water Pressure

Faulty well pumps from burned out motors usually lead to low water pressure. If this happens, the pump must be pulled out and replaced. The entire process requires the right equipment and skills of professional well servicers. When we get calls involving low water pressure, our technicians are sent out right away to assess the problem. Aside from burned out motors, your well pump can also experience problems with a short in the wiring, a damaged water tank bladder, or a clogged water filter. A well pump that shorts out cannot pump water into the holding tank. A professional well service technician can quickly discover a short in the wiring and make the necessary repairs.

Pump Comes On Too Often and Shuts Off Too Quickly

This is a short cycling problem. The problem usually stems from a faulty air intake valve, or a problem with the well’s pressure control switch. If the air intake valve is faulty, it can cause a loss of air pressure in the holding tank. If the problem is with the pressure control switch, a new switch needs to be installed. There are a number of other factors that can cause the pump to short cycle, and our technicians will be able to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Air in the Pipes

Air that spurts and sputters out of the faucets is another common problem. This can also be attributed to a faulty air intake valve. Another cause is a drop in the water level that goes below the well pump. If this happens, there is no water for the pump to bring up. The solution is to put in a longer pipe to lower the well pump below the water table.

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