Well Tank Repair and Replacement in Schwenksville

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Well tanks are great when they work properly. Most of the time, we don’t even think about them at all until a problem occurs. Regular well tank maintenance and inspections will help prevent smaller issues from growing into larger, costlier problems. If your well tank problems require repair or replacement services, our licensed technicians will handle all of the work to get your well system running efficiently again. We serve the Schwenksville area and surrounding neighborhoods.

With four generations’ worth of experience, the Ray A. Shaffer team is well-versed in both the common and lesser-known issues experienced by well tank owners. We are well-equipped to handle all problems quickly and effectively, with the level of expertise our clients have come to expect from us.

Here are some of the more common well tank problems we handle:

  • A well pump that frequently stops and starts
  • A sudden drop in water pressure, or no running water at all
  • A pressure switch stuck in the "off" or "on" position
  • Problems with the water pump or the water pressure control
  • A leaking tank

The best course of action is to call a professional as soon as you experience a recurring problem. Catching any mechanical failures, faulty parts, or leaks early on can go a long way in helping your tank work properly again. This is especially true with less common issues that are harder for you to find and diagnose on your own. For example, sometimes our technicians find damage due to an incorrect pump voltage. There may also be problems in the wiring, or an incorrect setting on the pressure switch. A failed or faulty motor, or another mechanical part, is another less common complication.

Call Your Well Tank Experts

Due to the complex nature of a well tank, it is always recommended to enlist professional help before you attempt to fix or replace any parts on your own. Even a small mistake could cause significant damage. If you notice any of the problems described above, contact our fully licensed team for an inspection to quickly identify the source of your well tank problem. If our inspection finds that your tank will need to be replaced, we guarantee upfront pricing and quality installation.
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