Wolverine Brass Faucet Installations in Schwenksville

Looking to replace your old faucet with a top-quality product? Call us today at (610) 287-7831 to install Wolverine Brass faucets and products in the Schwenksville area.

Wolverine Brass Faucets in Schwenksville, PA

At Ray A. Shaffer, Inc., we stand by our commitment to install only the highest quality fixtures for your home or business. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen or bath fixtures, ask us about installing Wolverine Brass faucets and plumbing products. We are authorized dealers in Schwenksville, PA.

Wolverine Brass has been making fine quality faucets since 1896. All Wolverine products are made to last, and many come with an exclusive 100-year warranty. Wolverine Brass will replace any parts or accessories free of charge.

Experience the Difference With Wolverine Brass

Wolverine Brass is offered only through your professional plumber, which means you are getting quality that you cannot find at your local retailer.

Here are some of the products we offer through Wolverine Brass:

A popular choice among our customers is the two-handle faucet, designed exclusively for your bathroom’s sink, tub, or shower. This faucet features a highly durable ceramic disc cartridge that does not need a washer. This is a faucet that will add class and convenience to your bathroom!

Single-lever faucets are ideal for any kitchen or bathroom. This faucet features a polished disc cartridge that is less prone to corrosion and easy to install.

Pressure balance valves for tubs, showers, and washing machines have a built-in balancing spool and two alignment posts for easy installation. Wolverine Brass has also designed an updated version of their original pressure balance valve. This new valve features a reverse flow of both hot and cold water and is compatible with all single-handle tub valves.

Benefits of Wolverine Brass Products

Wolverine Brass products are made to resist rust and corrosion, some of the more common problems associated with faucets and fixtures. All Wolverine Brass faucets come with a ceramic disc, along with a warranty that is good for up to one hundred years. All of their faucets also contain a low-lead brass body. High levels of lead in your fixtures have been linked to certain health problems. In addition, Wolverine Brass faucets do not use lead or copper tubing, and absolutely no plastic is used to manufacture any of their products.

Keep your faucets and fixtures rust-free and leak-free! Call Ray A. Shaffer, Inc. today at (610) 287-7831 and we will help you install your new Wolverine Brass product.